Boost Your Quote-To-Cash Process for Subscription Billings

Need to manage revenue recognition & allocation, and facilitate ASC 606/IFRS 15 compliance?

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Are you noticing gaps your current installation of Microsoft Dynamics does not bridge?
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Are you experiencing excessive manual work required to manage monthly invoicing?
Need to do more with fewer systems and fewer points of failure, to decrease data entry errors?

Don Ramsay, CMA – Binary Stream Solutions Consultant

Don brings a wealth of experience as Solutions Consultant for Binary Stream since 2014. His credentials include:

  • 25 years as a Microsoft Certified System Engineer
  • 4 years as Microsoft Professional in Dynamics GP
  • Certified Management Accounting degree in 1995
  • Owner of accounting, electrical and consulting businesses
  • 5 years as Director of Finance and Administration for Department of Education - School Districts
  • 5 years as Director of Information Technology for a major distribution company
  • Over 4 years as Senior Financial Consultant specializing in Dynamics GP in the public sector