Manage all your legal entities using a single instance for complete control and visibility


Learn how to automate your business  processes and gain real-time knowledge across your organization with
Multi-Entity Management from Binary Stream.

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Seamless ERP improvements to help you achieve your business goals

Reduce operational cost by consolidating your organization into a single business entity
Eliminate manual data entry errors and improve intercompany transaction efficiency by automating recurring tasks
Create quality audit trails with up-to-date financial reporting for multiple entities from a single centralized instance
Ensure enterprise-level data and entity security fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Enhance the functionality of your ERP for the continued growth and prosperity of your business

Extending your ERP capabilities empowers your organization to remain competitive in broader global markets and create new business opportunities. By leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with additional support from Multi-Entity Management and the experts at Binary Stream, scalability is within your reach. As your business grows, our transformative solutions are ready to face any challenges.


Returning productivity to the workplace

Minimize the cost of ownership of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central system and increase productivity across your entire organization. Improve the ROI of your ERP platform by consolidating financial processes such as payments, receipts, invoicing, purchase orders and more. Balance your books quickly and easily by establishing a unified master record to streamline your reporting and gain a better view of your whole business.

“We were able to grow from 55 entities to 239 while saving $126,000 per year by eliminating user inefficiencies and downtime obstacles.”

- Bill Breitenbach, IT Director, Signature Healthcare

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